SAT Test Preparation:

The SAT is used by colleges and universities as part of their admission requirements. It is also used to determine NCAA and scholarship eligibility.  The test is designed to measure language skills (Reading and Writing) and Math reasoning skills.

When to take the SAT?

The SAT is administered multiple times during the year – August, October, November, December, March, May and June. The majority of students will take the SAT during their junior year at least twice, reserving a third administration for early in senior year.  SAT test dates can be found by clicking here.

We advise students to register for the SAT at least 8 weeks in advance.  Students may register for the SAT by visiting  Each test date has its own registration deadline and choice of venues for the test.  Once registered for the test, the students has the option to change the test date. Collegeboard will charge a fee to change the test date.

What’s on the SAT?

The SAT is scored on a scale from 400-1600, it is about 3-hours long (without the essay) and has 4 main sections:

  • SAT Evidence Based Reading (65min) focuses on Main Idea, Vocab-in-Context, Inference, Evidence Support, Data Reasoning, Technique, Detail-Oriented. Questions go in chronological order

  • SAT Evidence Based Writing (35min) includes sentence structure, conventions of usage, punctuation and expression of ideas

  • Non-calculator Math – 25 min

  • Calculator based Math – 55min Check what calculator is allowed

There is no penalty for wrong answers.

Should I take the Essay?

The new SAT has an essay section at the end of the test, which is now optional. We recommend students to look at their college list to understand the requirements before deciding whether or not to complete the essay portion of the exam.

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How to Change your SAT Registration?

If you are signed up to take the SAT and would like to make any changes to your registration information, including:

  • Your personal identifying information

  • Test Day or Center

  • Adding or removing the Essay

  • High School Information or Score Reports

You can click here