ACT Test Preparation:

The ACT is equally accepted by all colleges and universities in the United States.  Axios tutors provides highest quality ACT test preparation to the Pittsburgh area students. The ACT, typically taken by high school juniors and seniors, measures student achievement in 4 subject areas including English, math, reading, and science plus writing.

The ACT is offered 6 times a year and students should plan to take the test at least two to three times as scores will continue to improve past the first test administration.  Colleges typically don’t like to see students take this test more than three times in order to attain their score goal.  Find out the upcoming ACT Test Dates.

Axios encourages students to register for the ACT test at least 8 weeks in advance. Students register for the ACT by going to the ACT Website to create a login and password and to pick a preferred testing venue.

ACT test preparation should begin between two and half to three months prior to the first test date. On average, a student should plan on 18-24 hours of preparation.

For Pittsburgh area students looking to get ready for the ACT Test, Axios offers different preparation options:

  • Private 1:1 test preparation tutoring, available 7 days a week w/ flexible scheduling options
  • Semi private 2:1 test preparation
  • Small group classes – ACT Comprehensive


Axios’s ACT test preparation program is a demanding program that receives strong reviews and delivers results.

  • Students have the option to join the class for full comprehensive preparation OR join the class for only ACT Math/Sc or ACT E/R.
  • Graduates of this class have the option to attend any future ACT Class at no additional cost.
  • Students have the additional option of watching taped recording of the session in case they miss a class or want to review the session again.

What can you expect?

Irrespective of how you choose to work with us, working with us on the ACT Preparation entails:

  • Discussions of strategies and techniques as they relate to different sections and question styles on the test. There are timed exercises in the session so the instructor can determine how well student(s) are implementing what is being taught.
  • Homework requiring practicing specific skills/ strategies/concepts as well as full-length practice tests.
  • At least two full length practice tests before the actual test. This is the only way to determine what is working and what is not. Depending upon your specific needs, you may take more than the required number of tests.
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How the ACT is Structured?

The ACT is comprised of 4 multiple-choice sections plus a 5th optional writing test or essay.  The four subjects include English, math, reading and science.  We recommend that the essay or optional writing test is taken by all students.

Axios focus is to help our students achieve their personal best by teaching a combination of content as well as strategies designed to master the test.  Below find an overview of each of the four subjects covered.

ACT English:

The ACT English section contains 75 multiple choice questions which students must complete within 45 minutes.  This grammar section of the ACT covers Usage/Mechanics and Rhetorical Skills which many students find challenging. Grammar is not typically taught in the upper grades in high school so Bluestone Education Network programs focus on teaching students the grammar they need to do well on this section and for college and beyond.

ACT Math:

The ACT math section contains 60 questions to be completed in 60 minutes.   The questions cover Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Coordinate and Plane Geometry as well as Trigonometry.  Approved calculators are allowed to be used during the ACT test. The challenge with ACT math is the fast pace with which questions need to be completed.

ACT Reading:

The ACT reading test has 40 questions to be completed within 35 minutes. These questions measure reading comprehension skills.  The passages cover a wide range of topics, and are meant to reflect the level of reading required during a student’s first year in a college or university level course.

ACT Science:

The ACT science test includes 40 questions to be answered within 35 minutes. This portion of the ACT is designed to measure skills including but not limited to:  analysis, evaluation, interpretation, problem solving, and reading.  The ACT science test is designed with the assumption that students will have completed at least three years of high school science classes.  Graphs, tables, and summaries detailing scientific information are provided in this section which measures an understanding of critical analysis and conclusions.

Writing (Optional, But Strongly Recommended)

The writing test portion of the ACT is technically optional.  However, we strongly suggest that all students take the essay.  In the 40 minute test, an issue will be defined, with three differing sides of the issue provided.  Students must take a position on each of the three perspectives and cogently present their opinions with solid reasoning and support for each perspective. The writing test portion of the ACT does not affect the student’s overall composite score on the ACT.

ACT Scoring

Each section of the ACT is scored on a scale of 1-36, with the composite score being an average of each of the 4 sections of the test.  The essay is scored from 2-12 by two readers but the score is not included as part of the composite.