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* All colleges and universities in the country accept ACT and SAT equally.

* For many college and universities, the ACT replaces the SAT plus SAT Subject Tests, thereby eliminating the need to take multiple tests.

With the ACT and SAT now equally popular amongst Pittsburgh area student, many students are left wondering which test to take, which test best matches their academic abilities. For lack of better guidance and knowledge, most students end up preparing for both tests.

Junior year is a tough, stressful year for students. Instead of families spending time, effort and money, it makes most sense to identify the test that is right for them ahead of time.

This strategic and holistic approach to test preparation is at the heart of our high success rate.

ACT vs SAT Comparison test is a specially designed 3 ½ hour long assessment. Results from the test are used to determine:

* Which test to take?

* When to take?

* What preparation you need