Diagnostics Testing

Diagnostic testing is a critical part of test preparation. Pre-registration is required for taking any of the tests below.

There is a one-time new student registration fee for taking the test. You can register for the test below or by calling our office.

Full length actual conditions tests are critical components of SAT/ ACT test preparation. Just like a runner will run many practice marathons before their actual marathon or a musical will do many dress rehearsals, going beyond the homework and sessions to take full length practice tests before the actual test is the only way to determine what is working and what is not. Practice tests provide insight into time management, fatigue, point cost factor, and other test-taking tendencies.

Testing is also available for:

  • Actual conditions AP Testing

  • Actual conditions ISEE, SSAT and HSPT

  • Diagnostic Math Evaluation



Start with ACT VS. SAT COMPARISON TEST to know which test is right for you? ACT OR SAT    

For students who have not yet taken any actual SAT or ACT, taking our 3.5hr long comparison test is the perfect way to jump start the planning process for what needs to happen when and how.  Following the test, we sit down with the students and parents to review the results. Results from the test are then used to come up with your personalized Junior Year testing plan for:

  • Which test to take?

  • When to take?

  • What preparation you need