Axios’s team of tutors is carefully selected and hand-picked for their subject matter expertise. They all have years of successful teaching experience, a passion for teaching, interesting life experiences, and a variety of teaching styles that make students responsive, challenged, and excited to learn.Your student’s education is too important to trust it to anyone less than a qualified, certified instructor.

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At Axios, our tutors specialize in helping your students achieve their best test scores, but they are much more than numbers in our books. They are stories of hardship and celebration, of disappointing days and of hard-earned achievements. We are all ears. We are strong shoulders and high fives. We are experts in our fields. Whether we are mentoring students in physics or literature, calculus or composition—relationship building is at the heart of everything we do.

We are educators with the freedom to offer your students individualized attention. We talk with them about their interests and their concerns. We research their learning styles and tailor our sessions to accommodate their unique academic needs. Our lessons are iterative, building a body of knowledge one week at a time. We believe in every child’s ability to succeed. Our goal is to instill that confidence in your students through consistency and hard work.

Melissa M

Melissa M holds Master’s in English from Fordham University, where she specialized in folklore and fairytales. She has tutored and taught a range of students including dyslexic and international students. She has studied both Latin and Greek, which she uses to inform her teaching of rhetoric and grammar. Most importantly, she loves helping students turn their thoughts into words and their words into essays

At Axios, Melissa works with students on all things language arts, creative writing, SAT EBRW, ACT English, Reading and Science. Her mild mannerism and calming personality are her secret sauce. She is as much of a learner herself, as an educator…never shies away from dabbling into something new.

Bridgette N.

Bridgette believes in the power of positive language and is often caught standing in a victory pose, modeling the confidence she hopes to instill in her students. She specializes in snacks and in mentoring those who seek support and enrichment in a wide range of Language Arts' subjects. When she is not at Axios, she can be spotted darting around in her little red car, teaching at Point Park University, or typing feverishly on her back porch. 

 “With Master’s in Fine Arts and extensive experience in teaching composition to students of all ages, Bridgette brings the art of teaching writing to life in her unique style. Before a story comes to life on paper, it becomes an animated discussion on the white board. When teaching SAT/ACT classes, students look forward to practicing with her jeopardy round of questions to sharpen their skills.”

Tiffany M.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education from Grove City and Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University. I also hold teaching certificates in Math and Physics for Grades 7-12. Since 2008, I have been showing students that Math and Physics do not have to be hard and both are very applicable to everyday life and the world around us. In the next few years, I hope to pursue my Doctor of Arts degree from

Carnegie Mellon with a specialization in Differential Equations.

“At Axios, Tiffany works with students on all levels of Math, SAT/ACT Math, ACT Science. During the hunting season, she loves to hunt with her father”

Patti J.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Duquesne University, and received my Master’s Degree as a Reading Specialist from Duquesne as well. I have been teaching ELA to middle school students for over 30 years. I recently retired from Pittsburgh Public Schools. I love teaching, which is why you will find me still tutoring and teaching SAT/ACT students at Axios.

“Patti works with students on English, Reading, SAT/ACT Reading and English. Before every session, Patti likes to spend time to think about what the student needs, what is working and what is not. She likes to say “I worry for my kids J”. For her, test preparation is about self-discovery for students, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and maneuvering around them during the test.” 

Erin S.

Erin has a PhD in Chemistry from Univ of CA, San Diego. She has a vast research and teaching experience, tutoring experience in Chemistry, Biology and Math. While she stays busy overseeing clinical trials for pharmaceutical industry or establishing research protocols, she also prioritizes teaching and working with kids. and volunteer for Junior League. Her sessions have a very hands on dynamic energy, where her and her student white board everything to process content and concepts.

“At Axios, Erin covers all levels of Chemistry, Biology and Math.

Marina R.

Marina has a PhD in chemistry and decades of experience in research, development, production and commercialization in the chemical and plastics industry. Her latest work assignment involves setting up her own research lab and traveling to Germany for work. She received her PhD from Moscow State University and then worked for Case Western Reserve for 5years as senior research associate. She strives to form strong relationships with her students, which helps her get involved in the subjects and take ownership of their learning. She sets high expectations.

“At Axios, Marina teaches all levels of Chemistry and Math, SAT Math. She is a lifelong learner and is always thinking critically about what her student needs to achieve their goals and what she has to do to help them reach to their goals. She sets high expectations not only for her student but also for herself as a teacher/ guide/ mentor.”

Nick P.

Nick has MA in Mathematics from SUNY Buffalo and earned his BS in Mathematics from Allegheny College. In addition to tutoring all levels of Math at Axios, he works at Johns Hopkins University: Center for Talented Youth. During the school year he teachs advanced Math courses for their online program and returns each summer to teach Cryptology. He is especially interested in Analysis, the mathematics describing continuity, convergence, and measurement.

Elene C

Elene holds a BA degree from Colgate University with a major concentration in Mathematics and a MS degree from Emory in Environmental Science. She earned her teaching certificate in Math at Colgate University. With almost a decade of tutoring experience in Mathematics, she has had wonderful success in not only improving their self–confidence in their mathematical abilities but also their grades. Her approach is simple: she listens carefully and observes them and quickly identifies their needs. She immediately gets to work at finding ways to present the subject matter in a manner that the student will understand.

At Axios, Elene works with students on all levels of Math (through grade 12), SAT and ACT