At Axios Tutoring our vision is to develop a complete student – one who not only has the academic skills sets, but one who is also prepared for success in Higher Education. Over the years, Axios has helped hundreds of students achieve academic success by helping them improve their grades, test scores, and earn admission to colleges of their choice.

We are proud of all of our students’ successes and accomplishments. They work hard and show dedication, grit, stamina and the results speak for themselves.

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“We are so proud of Alicia.  Part of our success was finding Axios. We had no idea what to expect and the results have been phenomenal. I have learned so much about the college process and take every opportunity I can to mention the benefits of pursuing SAT or ACT tutoring to my friends who have children preparing for this journey. We are already seeing big returns on our investment. So I hope I am successful in referring some clients your way.”

“Nicole’s critical reading scores alone went up by 150 points, which is much more in line with her scholastic accomplishments. Thank you and Axios for bringing out her talents in the SAT – it was worth every cent.” –Jane

“Hi this is Lauren! You probably remember me from taking the SAT prep classes to get ready for the past December test. I wanted to let you know that this past week I competed in the state conference for DECA. DECA is an association of marketing students. When we compete we have to take a 100 point test in our category. I won a medal in my category a high test score, and later found out that I had the highest test score out of the forty some kids that were in my event! I even set a record for one of the highest scores in our school chapter. I really think that I was able to do this because of the test taking skills that I learned at Axios. I used them when I took my DECA test and I use them all the time at school, too. So I wanted to thank you all for your help again.”

“Amanda enjoyed the classes and it has given her more confidence and strengths that she can carry over to other academics not just the SAT. She was able to achieve the score she needed for Math and Reading for the Physician Assistant program requirement. She was happy with her results and we will definitely refer others for your services.”