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Are you looking for standardized test preparation – SAT, ACT, AP, Subject Test, GRE, GMAT etc. for your student? Then look no further. Axios provides:


“We expect to see result gains of 100-300 points on the current SAT, 3-6 score point improvement on the ACT.”

Scores that get you noticed and skills that last a lifetime. Axios provides students with the most innovative, creative, and successful test preparation regimen, taught by our professional instructors. The results speak for themselves. No one does test prep better than Axios.

Our students have a long history of achieving outstanding results on benchmark tests. That fact can be attributed largely to our highly personalized approach and designing the program that fits your student’s learning style, score goals etc.

We employ a holistic approach to test preparation that includes utilizing the best tutors, exploring test design, implementing strategic solutions, and practicing on hundreds of test questions! Only by understanding a test's underlying characteristics can a student meet or exceed his potential.

Test preparation at AXIOS and Your Return on Investment

“The result is high quality instruction, effective preparation and adaptable approach without selling you packages that lock you in for months.”

Evaluating and selecting which program is best for your child should not just be a factor of low cost and endless hours of preparation.

Quantity does not translate into quality. Nor should it be based on whether the tutor scored in the top percentile. Scoring high on the test and coaching someone else to perform well are very different skill sets.

At Axios, we look for the most optimal path to success as defined by YOUR goals.

* We invest in tutors who are educators, with years of

experience not only teaching math, language arts etc. but also understanding how the learning mind works.

* We provide different learning formats – small group classes, one-on-one private instruction or semi-private instruction. Every format has its strengths and weaknesses.

Some families know what works for them, for many others it is where the conversation begins.

* At the heart of any learning is a strong relationship between the student and tutor. While much of our work takes place at the center, giving students quiet and dedicated space to work. However, once we hit the ground running students have the option to work remotely with their tutors using our online platform. This flexibility allows students to balance their academic, extracurricular activities with test preparation work

At Axios we do not flip flop between the SAT and ACT

How do you like to learn?
* Small group classes or private 1:1?
* In-center/remote online/combination

95% of our students achieve the scores they were targeting for the test that we identified as the one they would be more successful at – SAT or ACT.

Our evaluation of whether the SAT or ACT is better suited for a particular student has definite value for families:

* Time, effort and money “chasing” the wrong test are not lost.

* Our testing schedule is specifically designed so that students have a healthy balance between test prep, academics and extracurricular activities.

* Plus, the summer before their senior year can be a great jumpstart to the college application process.

* Avoiding testing fatigue from having taken the test too many times.