Reading and Study Skills

Are your child’s skills diamonds in the rough?

Axios Tutoring’s Reading and Study Skills Program is designed for students in grades 6-12 and beyond. Our program is completely customized around the needs of your student, using relevant materials and resources to improve their grades while learning how to effectively answer critical thinking questions, take notes in class and from text, condense notes to facilitate more efficient studying, and give your child confidence to master even the most difficult content material.

Active Reading Strategies

Passive reading is common among students, contributing to weak critical thinking skills. As we know, decoding and comprehending are two different skill sets. Too many students get all the way through middle school without really understanding the difference between passive and active reading, and they hit a wall when they try to passively read dense content material. Axios’s instructors are experts at helping students become active readers – and the results correlate to higher grades.

Organization and Time Management Skills

When grades are low, it is usually due to poor time-management skills and lack of organization. Our tutors teach your child how to create deadlines, using either physical calendars or electronic devices, depending on your student’s preference. We help them learn how to budget their time, understand the amount of time they need for each assignment, project, etc., and most importantly follow-up with your child to make sure they are completing these tasks when promised.