AP exams are given once a year in May. Most of the exams take two to three hours to complete and consists of multiple choice and free response questions. Results from the exams are usually made available by July.

Students might take an AP exam, even if they are not taking an AP class at school and the reverse holds true as well, students can take an AP course but not take the exam. Scored on a scale of 0-5, students who score three or above may be eligible to take advanced courses in college, receive college credits or both. Colleges vary greatly in their policy of how they accept and apply AP credits.

We highly recommend students also consider taking May or June SAT Subject Test that corresponds to their AP course.

Axios provides highly effective AP test preparation in to help attain college credit on the AP exams in May.

Students have the option to work with us 1:1 during the school year or join our AP Review Camps for exam preparation.

Review camps are recommended for students who have had a strong performance in the AP course through out their academic year and are now looking for a focused preparation for the May test