At Axios, we champion creative thinking. We embrace diverse instructional methodologies and innovation. We believe in helping students harness the tools of the twenty-first century—to utilize technology as a springboard for brainstorming, inquiry, and analysis rather than as a distraction from the educational environment. Our tutors model a lifelong love for learning, challenging students to pursue new ideas and points-of-view by fanning the flames of imagination, ingenuity, and achievement.

9th & 10th GRADES:


The road to higher education begins during the first year of high school. Students possessing strong time-management and study skills are more likely to successfully navigate the transition from 8th grade.

Axios Tutors provide specialized support, based upon individual assessments, including subject-specific sessions. We strive to boost students’ confidence by strengthening their note-taking, reading comprehension, and organizational skills: the kindling needed to ignite their academic potential.

11th & 12th GRADES:

College entrance exams loom large in the lives of high school juniors and seniors; our tutors are certified to deliver expert guidance in both ACT and SAT test preparation, as well as all Advanced Placement test subject areas. Offering group classes and one-on-one sessions, Axios tutors provide strategic feedback on a series of official practice exams, assigned to develop muscle memory and test-taking skills. As a result, our students report reduced anxiety during actual exam days and enjoy higher overall scores.

AP exams are given once a year in May. Most of the exams take two to three hours to complete and consists of multiple choice and free response questions. Results from the exams are usually made available by July.

Students might take an AP exam, even if they are not taking an AP class at school and the reverse holds true as well, students can take an AP course but not take the exam. Scored on a scale of 0-5, students who score three or above may be eligible to take advanced courses in college, receive college credits or both. Colleges vary greatly in their policy of how they accept and apply AP credits.

We highly recommend students also consider taking May or June SAT Subject Test that corresponds to their AP course.

Axios provides highly effective AP test preparation in to help attain college credit on the AP exams in May.

Students have the option to work with us 1:1 during the school year or join our AP Review Camps for exam preparation.

Review camps are recommended for students who have had a strong performance in the AP course through out their academic year and are now looking for a focused preparation for the May test.


This i believe writing workshop is open to all Pittsburgh area high school students (Gr 6-12) looking to strengthen their writing skills, while engaging in some meaningful discussion. “This i Believe” was a very popular radio program in the 50s hosted by the famous journalist Edward R. Murrow. People from all walks of life would share for few minutes the guiding principles by which they led their lives.

This i Believe” writing workshop  is modeled after the same concept, but with an added goal of teaching students the art of writing. In doing so, they explore, share, and discuss the core values that guide their daily lives.

This thought-provoking workshop guides students through a carefully choreographed process of writing. Students are provided with a clear structure for transforming abstract concepts into concrete compositions.

In addition to strengthening their overall writing skills, each student will leave the workshop with a personalized essay fit for contributing to the “This I Believe” community.

The essay produced by the students will be a very personal statement  of their closely held belief system and can be used as template for possible future college admissions essay.

Workshop will be offered over summer and fall.