Test preparation and college admissions process is filled with lot of angst for students and parents alike. Here is a list of carefully curated questions that we often find people wondering about. Hope you it helps answer yours. If not, feel free to contact us and we would do our best to answer your specific question(s).


Should you send scores to colleges at the time of SAT, ACT registration?

As part of registering for the SAT/ ACT test, Collegeboard and ACT allow you to be able to send your test scores directly to four colleges at no additional charge. Collegeboard even extends a nine-day grace period after the test day to send scores at no additional fee.


Should you take the SAT, ACT test with Essay?

One of the most asked question when preparing for the SAT and ACT is: “Should I take the test with or without writing?”


SAT, ACT Test Day Checklist

SAT, ACT test day checklist is created to make sure our students are ready to battle the tests. These are difficult tests, not only for what is on them but also for how long they are.


Adding/Dropping Essay on the SAT, ACT after you have registered for the test

You have registered for the test but are now considering making changes to your registration, especially adding or removing your essay selection for the test day. What are your options?


Why taking actual conditions practice SAT, ACT test matter?

When working towards SAT or ACT test, taking full length actual conditions test is one of the most important part of preparation. These practice tests not only provide you with a score but they also highlight your test taking tendencies.


SAT Subject Tests - which ones do you need?

SAT Subject Tests are one hour long tests, used for college admissions purposes. There are about 24 different subject specific tests that are offered by Collegeboard. So how you decide ‘which ones are needed?’