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Academic excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in bringing only the best and most qualified tutors to our students. Our philosophy is that for life-long learning to happen there needs to be a strong rapport between students and tutors. Our tutors not only look forward to working with the students, but the students and tutors understand each other enough to give honest and open feedback.

We are always looking for passionate, smart, highly educated (Master’s/ PhD degree tutors) with actual class room experience. If you are an expert in your subject and have a passion to share your knowledge and experience with eager minds, then we invite you to submit an application.

Because we value our tutors and their commitment to us:

  • We do not require you to travel anywhere. All sessions take place at the center, which is designed to optimize effective learning.

  • We train you in our proprietary curriculum.

  • Our compensation rates are the best for tutoring and test preparation industry in the Pittsburgh region.


  1. Master’s degree (must be complete)

  2. Excellent communication skills

  3. Passionate about teaching. Some teaching/ tutoring experience needed

  4. Flexible schedules

  5. Must clear all background checks

If you are interested in joining our carefully selected team of tutors/instructors, please download our Employment Application

Send your cover letter, completed application form and resume to

Open Positions:

Biology – should be able to work with students on all levels of Biology, including AP Biology

Math – should be able to work with students on Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Calc, Calculus. Statistics is desired, not required

Physics – should be able to work with students on all levels of Physics, including calculus based Physics