SAT, ACT Test Day Checklist


SAT, ACT test day checklist is created to make sure our students are ready to battle the tests. These are difficult tests, not only for what is on them but also for how long they are. From start to finish, students will end up spending close to 5hours at their test center. To stay mentally and physically focused for such a long day does require extra attention. Hence, what you do on the final day before the test and on the test day itself is extremely important, so please print out and read through the practical “checklist” below.

Pack your gear

Be sure to have the following essentials packed and ready to go with you on the day of the test:

  • admission ticket
  • Picture ID
  • Calculator with extra pair of batteries
  • Pencils/erasers
  • Watch (with timer, if you find it helpful to manage your time during each section)
  • Snack (you can have this during the break)


Get a good night’s sleep!

Early morning activity

Try to get in a mild 15-20min workout – a brisk walk, a jog, whatever you can do to elevate the heart rate, get the blood flowing, help wake you up, and stay focused and alert!


Fuel yourself with a good breakfast.  Bring a snack to have during the test breaks.  Funny as it may sound, chocolate, of all things, seems to keep students focused and alert during the test.  Perhaps the mild caffeine kick and sugar help students stay focused.  So, consider packing a nice dark chocolate bar in your snack pack.

Test center

Know where to go, how to get there, and arrive on time.  The test usually starts at 8am but we recommend arriving perhaps around 7:30-7:45 to get situated, avoid long lines to check in, and get a choice seat in the testing room.

During the test

Stay focused.  SAT and ACT are almost identical in duration but because of the fast pace of the test, ACT feels much more draining than SAT. By the time Science section rolls in, the energy levels start to go down. Be ready for that.  Don’t let any one section bring you down!  Stay committed.   Don’t “check out” ahead of time.

Use Your Breaks Wisely

Breaks on the SAT and ACT are far and few in between. Using them wisely allows students to battle the oncoming sections well. Besides the usual restroom and water break, remember to eat your snack, stretching your body and few deep breaths will allow you to release the tension built up in your body.

At Axios Tutoring, we proudly offer a variety of one-on-one tutoring and small group class options for Pittsburgh area students of all learning styles and academic goals. We recognize that successful study habits and test prep should be attuned to your child’s specific needs. Our holistic, tailor-made approach to test prep ensures that your child will master academic building blocks and study habits that will last a lifetime. As the SAT and/or ACT exam dates loom, keep in mind some of the techniques above to provide your child with the brain food necessary to ace his or her upcoming exam.