Getting Ready for AP Exams and SAT Subject Test

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All though optional, taking AP Test and SAT Subject Test (depending upon what colleges you are applying to), may provide the much needed advantage on your college application and financial relief on your college tuition bill. Offered by the same organization that administers SAT, AP courses are a good way to develop college-level academic skills, impress College Admissions Counselors, and earn college credits. SAT Subject Tests are 1-hour long multiple choice tests in a particular subject.


SAT Subject Tests – Depending upon the subject, there may not be a lot of difference between readiness for the AP Test and the SAT Subject Test. However, taking an AP course is not a pre-requisite for taking an SAT Subject Test. Students who are taking honors-level courses can also take SAT Subject Tests and do well. SAT Subject Tests are offered on the dates regular SAT is offered, except for the March SAT.


Are AP Tests Needed? Good AP test scores can help students get into top colleges, earn college credit, fulfill core requirements and earn admission into highly sought after courses available only to those who have proven their academic mettle.

AP exams are end of course tests offered in May. All but one of the AP exams combine multiple-choice questions with a free-response section in either essay or problem-solving format.

Axios Advantage:

  •  Focused curriculum and targeted approach ensures our students are ready for the AP Tests or SAT Subject Tests
  • Experienced Master’s / PhD degree Instructors ensures that you learn from the best and develop deep understanding of the subject
  • Average SAT Subject test score for Axios student is 720
  • Full Length practice tests for SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests, including grading on essay/descriptive style questions
  • We help you come up with your Subject Test strategy – what tests make most sense for you, including when you should take them?

AP and SAT Subject Test Prep available for following subjects:

  • AP Calculus AB and BC, Subject Test Math 1 and 2
  • AP Chemistry, Subject Test Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1, Subject Test Physics
  • AP Biology, Subject Test Biology
  • AP World History, Subject Test World History
  • AP US History, Subject Test US History
  • AP Literature/ Language, Subject Test Literature