Coming Soon: October 2018 PSAT Scores

Scores from the October 2018 PSAT/NMSQT test are expected to be available between December 10th and 12th.

To access their scores, students will need to create their individual account on the College Board website:

Link for Creating PSAT Account on Collegeboard

Paper score reports will be made available via school’s guidance office.

PSAT score is reported on a 320-1520 point scale with two major score categories:

  1. Evidence-based Reading & Writing Score Range of 160-760

  2. Math Score Range of 160-760

In addition to these, there are Cross Test Scores (2 categories), Sub Scores (7 categories) and Test Scores (3 categories)

While many 10th graders also take PSAT test, ONLY 11th grade scores are eligible for the National Merit competition. Cutoff for national merit is determined by doubling the 3 Test Scores in Reading (8-38), Writing & Language (8-38) and Math (8-38) for a maximum total score of 228.

The exact cutoff (which is different for each state) needed for qualifying scores for National Merit will be declared at a later date (around spring time). Historically, National Merit cut off for PA has ranged from 216-219, on a 240 scale. For Class of 2019, PA qualifying range was 219.

Over the years, Axios students have created a very successful track record of qualifying for national merit competition (NMSQT).

Navigating what these scores mean and what your next steps ought to be is a daunting task. At Axios, we are always here to look over the results, guide you for what they mean and come up with a Junior Year Testing Plan, which is tailored to each student’s collegiate goals. As the PSAT Scores arrive, they will create questions in your mind. Give us a call for a complimentary meeting. We are your trusted, expert resource for SAT prep and ACT prep in the Pittsburgh region.