Translated from the Greek, Axios means “Worthy of” or “Deserving of”. The word finds resonance in the context of the work we do, both in terms of the students and of the learning process itself.

Learning is worthy of hard work and perseverance, and while short term successes and failures are always front and center, learning deserves a longer arc.

A little about me: I hold a B.S in Chemistry and an M.B.A in Finance. My career began within the walls of big corporate climates, but I have made learning my life’s work. I always believed in the value of education. But teaching Sunday school in Houston brought me to the realization that I also enjoy reaching out to young adults.

I have now been working with students for over eight years, helping them navigate school, standardized tests, college admissions and transition to college. It is rewarding to watch them grow beyond the distractions of adolescence into the forward-thinking adults of the future. Hearing from parents about where their children are headed after high school is one of the best parts of the job.

Every student brings their own unique journey to us. Every family dynamic is different. I meet with families and prioritize getting to know who their students are—beyond the numbers and scores. I listen and observe what they and their parents say. We talk about their strengths and limitations, outlining the expectations on both sides. Together, we design a program tailored to their specific study needs.

Because everybody learns differently, I work to find the right path for each student. I monitor their progress closely and keep parents in the loop. If something is not working, we go back to the drawing board and refine our strategy. Learning is a lifelong journey. My door is always open, and I am only a phone call away.